4 Things You Can Do With Your Cell Phone At The Scene Of An Auto Accident

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If you are involved in a car accident, there are multiple ways that your cell phone may be able to help you win the compensation that you deserve through a personal injury case. Here are a few things that you shouldn’t do with your cell phone while still at the scene of an accident:

Photograph the scene.

Most cell phones have a camera function. Thus, you can use your phone to take pictures of the scene of the accident. These pictures can serve as a record of the event.

If taken properly, the pictures can display the weather during the event, the positioning of the cars after the accident and even the location of street signs or traffic lights in relation to the location of the collision.

You can even photograph the license plate of the vehicles involved along with the damages incurred by each car or truck. This can help substantiate any claims of property damage concerning your vehicle.

You can record the contact information of witnesses.

You can also use your cell phone to record the contact information of witnesses that are present at the accident scene. You can enter the information using a notepad on your phone or you can text or send an email to yourself with the names, phone numbers and other information that can be used to contact the witnesses in the future.

You can record a statement.

After a substantial amount of time passes, you may not clearly recall all of the information concerning the event. However, if you record everything that you recollect concerning the accident and how it occurred while you are still at the accident scene, you are less likely to forget important components of the event.

You can even record statements from the witnesses at the scene of the accident. These statements may later be used as official evidence of what transpired during the incident.

You can call a personal injury attorney.

While you are still at the scene of the accident, you can contact the office of a personal injury attorney to schedule a consultation. Many personal injury attorneys offer free initial consultations to potential clients.

If you are injured in an automotive accident, it is important to have legal representation. Being represented by a competent personal injury attorney can help ensure that you receive maximum compensation for your injuries. Schedule a consultation with a personal injury lawyer like one from Gartner Law Firm in your area.

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Tips To Avoid Issues With A Claim After A Car Accident

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A car accident is a stressful time, even if the damage is minor or the injuries minimal. You need to be careful right after the accident and in the days following to make sure you don’t do anything that could shift the responsibility to you or hurt your case if you need to sue for injuries or damages. The following list will help you avoid common pitfalls.

Tip #1: Never admit fault

Most people know not to admit fault at the scene of the accident, especially to the other driver or any authorities present. This continues even after the accident is over, though. For example, both your insurance agent and the agent for the other driver may contact you and ask for you to give a statement on what happened. In most cases, it is best to politely refer them to your attorney. Your attorney is the only person that you should be discussing the accident with unless you are required to testify in court.

Tip #2: Be careful online

Social media can be a major fail for an auto accident case. It’s best to refrain from mentioning the case at all or only in the most basic of ways. For example, you may mention that you are going to a doctor’s appointment due to an accident, but don’t rant against the other driver. If you are claiming injuries, it’s also important to make sure you don’t post pictures or status updates that make it look like you are uninjured or healthy. The best way to handle social media is to stay off of it until your case is settled.

Tip #3: Don’t skip any follow-ups

This pertains to everything about your accident. If you have an injury at the scene, make sure to keep all records of treatment at the time of the accident and to schedule a follow up appointment with your doctor. If you are sore the next day or if it takes a few days for injuries to show, follow up immediately on the developing pain with a doctor. Follow ups don’t just apply to doctors, either. For example, you may need to visit the police station to get a copy of an accident report or to file one, if one was filed on scene. Your main goal is to take everything very seriously and to make sure you have a paper trail to support your case.

For more information after a car accident, contact an attorney in your area, like those at Cok Kinzler PLLP or a similar firm.

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Don’t Allow These 4 Car Accidents Myths To Show Down Your Personal Injury Claim

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After you’ve been in a car accident, it’s easy to just assume that your claim is being handled fairly by the insurance companies. You should be very careful, however, not to fall victim to these 4 myths when it comes to getting fairly compensated for your injuries. The insurance companies are not on your side, and believing these myths could jeopardize your chances at the money damages you deserve. Read on to avoid these myths.

Myth One: Since the other driver is obviously at fault, their insurance company will take care of my claim properly.

Make sure that your trust in the insurance company, even your own, is not misplaced. All insurance companies are “for profit” and have an obligation to pay out as little as possible on claims. Insurance adjusters are not your friends. They are employees of the insurance company, and their job success is riding on finding ways to pay you less than you might deserve. Don’t make the mistake of accepting their first offer to settle.

Myth Two: The other driver seems like a good, honest person who is just as rattled by this accident as you are, so it’s only natural to discuss the accident with them.

It’s perfectly normal that you and the other driver want to be friendly, after all, you both share a common trauma and kinship because of the accident. You may even attempt to ease the other driver’s guilt about causing the accident by minimizing your injuries or admitting that you may have been partially at fault. Be very cautious when speaking with the other driver, no matter how nice they seem. Everything you say could be used to lessen your settlement amount.

Myth Three: The accident report speaks for itself; fault has been determined.

No doubt the accident report contains valuable information about the event, such as the names and contact info for all parties and sometimes even the officer’s opinion of the accident’s cause and who was at fault. While these reports are part of a complete evidence package, it does not stand alone. It’s important to note that accident reports are, surprisingly, not admissible in court. So don’t rely too much on the accident report alone. Make sure that you gather every bit of evidence you can.

Myth Four: The accident was too long ago, and it’s too late to file a personal injury claim.

Sometimes, the full extent of injuries from an accident take longer to become apparent. If it’s months later and you are suffering from the effects of the accident, you must act quickly. While every state does use a statute of limitation, you often have several years after the event to file suit. Don’t waste any time before contacting an attorney for assistance once you realize that your injuries are far more serious than you previously thought.

Read more at the website of a personal injury attorney.

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Three Tips For Dealing With A Car Wreck

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Getting into a car accident can be scary, especially if you have never been in one before. For this reason, you need a game plan for how to proceed, since this will be not only a matter of safety, but also one of legal matters. With this in mind, consider these three tips and use them so that you can reach out to an auto accident attorney for further help. 

Tip #1: Know The Laws Of Your State

Each state has different laws when it comes to vehicle accidents. The most important thing to keep in mind is the statute of limitations. If you fail to report the accident and file a claim with the courts by a certain amount of time, it will no longer be legally valid. Each state has different statutes of limitations — for instance, Idaho has a statute of limitations of 3 years for property damage and 2 years for injuries, while Colorado has a statute of limitations of 2 years for property damage and 3 years for injuries from a car wreck. You must also be careful about what you say when exchanging information with the other driver. Exchanging apologies can be dangerous, because the other party’s lawyer can consider it an admission of guilt, which can cause you to lose your case. When you put together a legal case, you are proving negligence and injuries, so you will need proof of your medical bills and the help of a quality attorney. 

Tip #2: Find The Right Lawyer

Be sure that you touch base with your state Bar Association to find the right lawyer, and also touch base with a variety of physical therapist clinics. These clinics can point you in the right direction of excellent auto accident attorneys, while also helping you to heal of your injuries. Be sure that you feel comfortable about your lawyer’s strategy and the way that they communicate with you. You should also shop for the best price. Auto accident attorneys get paid on contingency, which means that they will receive a portion of the payout that you get at the conclusion of the case. 

Tip #3: Be Prepared To Work With Your Lawyer For The Long Haul

When preparing for court, you will go through a number of sessions with your lawyer to be sure you are prepared to tell your story. They will guide you through the process and allow you to feel comfortable. Be sure that you focus on healing up, because the process of going through the courts for an auto accident can be long and laborious. 

Use these tips in order to bounce back from your car accident. 

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Rules To Consider When Filing A Lawsuit For Medical Malpractice In California

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If you believe that you were a victim of medical negligence, then you might have thought about filing a lawsuit. After all, a successful lawsuit can give you compensation for all of your medical bills, and potentially even compensation for your pain and suffering. However, medical negligence can be an extremely complex topic, especially when dealing with laws that vary from state to state. To help make sure that you know what you’re getting into, here are some of the laws that you will encounter when filing a medical negligence lawsuit in California:

The Statute of Limitations

The statute of limitations is pretty simple in most situations, but it can get a little trickier in medical malpractice cases. You have 3 years from the date of the injury to file your lawsuit. However, if you don’t actually discover the extent of your injuries for years, then you still have an opportunity to file. In that case, you have 1 year to file from the date of discovery.

In other words, you have a pretty sizable window of opportunity if you immediately realize that something is wrong. If you were treated negligently, then you have 3 whole years to prepare your lawsuit and gather your evidence. You may need to get the money that is necessary for a lawsuit, since you might end up with a chunk of legal fees.

On the other hand, discovering your injuries later can put you in a race against the clock. One year may seem like a long period of time, but it can take you quite a while to gather the necessary documentation. You will need to get a variety of medical documents that prove negligence, which means that you should begin your preparations as soon as possible.

Medical Malpractice Damage Caps

Like many states, California imposes a cap on certain damages in medical malpractice cases, which happens to be $250,000 in non-economic damages, as listed in 3333.2 of the California Civil Code.

This may sound like a pretty serious restriction, but it actually doesn’t affect all of your damages. In fact, this cap has no effect at all on your medical bills, lost wages, and future care. Those damages are not subject to any caps, meaning that you can ask for the full amounts in all of those categories without needing to worry about restrictions. What is restricted is pain and suffering, which is a pretty nebulous concept. The size of your non-economic damages will highly depend on the mood of the court and how well you have convinced them of the legitimacy of your case.

Ultimately, you don’t need to worry about getting your medical bills and lost wages covered, but you can hit an upper limit when it comes to asking for additional money for emotional and psychological stress.

To speak to a personal injury lawyer, contact a law firm such as Modesitt Law Offices PC.

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