Motorists are expected to follow traffic signs, such as stop signs, when operating a vehicle. However, trees and other vegetation can sometimes hide a stop sign. If you are suddenly struck by a car when crossing an intersection, you might wonder if the other driver is at fault or if another party might be liable for causing the obstruction.

Stop Sign Visibility

The placement of stop signs is critical. They must not be placed in a location that motorists cannot see. The local city should also trim trees and bushes to ensure the stop sign is visible.


Determining liability is essential because this will determine which party is at fault. For instance, if the driver is entirely at fault, you may receive compensation from their insurance provider through a settlement. However, if the city is at fault, you may need to fight the city in court. This is a more challenging process because you'll have a short statute of limitations and must file your claim in a particular way.

Legal Representation

A car accident lawyer will help you determine which party is at fault so you can take the appropriate steps to receive compensation for your injuries. The lawyer will meet with you to gather information about the accident, assess the case's merits, and determine the best legal strategy.

Gathering Evidence

The lawyer collects relevant evidence, such as photos, eyewitness testimony, and relevant documents. They will thoroughly investigate the accident to identify potentially liable parties, determine fault, and uncover any additional evidence that may support your claim.


The lawyer negotiates with the insurance company or anyone else involved in the accident. This may include discussing the value of the claim, presenting evidence, and making proposals to resolve the case.


If negotiation fails to produce a satisfactory outcome, the lawyer may file a lawsuit and represent you in court. This involves presenting evidence, cross-examining witnesses, and arguing to support the client's claim for damages.

Settlement or Judgment

If the case is settled or a judgment is rendered in favor of the client, the lawyer ensures that you receive the appropriate compensation for your injuries.

Throughout the process, the car accident lawyer communicates with you, keeps you informed about the status of your case, and provides guidance on legal options and strategies. The ultimate goal is to help you obtain compensation and hold the negligent individual accountable for the accident.

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