Nerve damage is a serious thing. It causes regular and constant pain. The pain may be dull and aching, or sharp and stinging. It could be in one side of your body, or just your lower half. The biggest problem with nerve damage, however, is attempting to determine if your nerve damage is the result of a car accident. Here is how your auto accident attorney would advise you to proceed so that you can rule out anything else that might have caused nerve damage. 

Did You Experience Similar Pain and Discomfort Before Your Car Accident?

If, at any time, you reported to any doctor that you had pain in your body, and any doctor said you had nerve damage, then no, your nerve damage is not the result of your recent accident. If you had an accident in the past, the nerve damage could be the result of that accident, but you cannot sue the other driver in your recent accident for the trauma from the past accident. When your nerve damage and pain did not start until after your more recent car accident, then there is a better chance that the recent accident caused it. 

Was There Trauma and Swelling to Your Neck or Spine?

In your recent accident, was there trauma and/or swelling to any part of your neck or spine? If so, then the nerve damage was definitely the result of the recent accident. A doctor can easily testify to this fact. Any rehabilitation treatments you had to address the nerve damage, pain, and swelling in your back or neck will also provide sufficient evidence to prove that the nerve damage was caused by the recent accident. Then you can make a decision to sue the other driver. 

When Your Nerve Damage Was Caused by the Recent Accident

When your nerve damage can be proven as the result of the recent accident, then you can choose to sue the other driver in your accident (or not sue). Your accident attorney would most strongly advise you to sue, since nerve damage is irreversible, and it will last you the rest of your life. You may have to see several specialists, and receive a multitude of treatments to get some relief from this ongoing problem. If you do not sue the other driver, you will have to pay for many of your treatments out of your own pocket.

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