Social Security Disability Consultative Exams And You

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If you have not been able to work at your job because of a medical condition, you may be requested to undergo a special medical exam as part of your application process for Social Security disability benefits. The Social Security Administration (SSA) may need to learn more about your medical condition, particularly if you have not received recent medical treatment for it. To help you understand what this exam, called a consultative exam, means to your Social Security claim, read on.

What happens at this exam?

The doctor who performs this exam is chosen, and paid, by the SSA. While the exam concerns your medical condition, you should not expect to receive any medical treatment or prescriptions from this exam. Just as with most medical exams, the exam will begin with a check of your weight and height, your blood pressure, temperature and heart rate. Most exams consist of the doctor closely checking and evaluating the body part that is affected by your medical condition to determine if your condition is bad enough to prevent you from working at your job. The exam may involve some questioning and often also includes tests, such as blood tests, x-rays and other diagnostic tools. You will not be charged for any part of this exam.

What happens after the exam?

The consultative exam physician will submit a report of your medical condition to the SSA and the report will list what types of work you can be expected to preform, from light duty/sedentary to heavy work. This report can take several weeks and you can expect to wait a few more weeks to hear for the SSA with the result. In most cases, the SSA will use this report as the final factor in determining your benefit eligibility.

What happens if my claim is denied?

Unfortunately, the possibility of being denied benefits after a consultative exam can be high, but you must undergo the exam in order to be provided with a denial. You must possess a denial to proceed to your next step, which is an appeal. Try to regard the consultative exam and the denial as normal parts of the Social Security disability application process, and don’t give up. Seek the help of a legal professional at a firm like Shoap Law Offices, who understands how the process works and can stand by your side at the appeal hearing and help ensure that you get the benefits that you need.

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3 Things You Should Always Do Following An Accident To Protect Your Legal Rights

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No one ever plans on getting in a car accident, so when it happens, it’s easy to feel a little disoriented or confused. Still, the first moments immediately following an accident can have a large impact on your chances in a court of a law if things should one day escalate to that point. In order to protect your legal rights, make it a point to always do these three things during the first minutes following a car accident.

Call the Police and File a Report

If all that happened was just a small fender bender, you might think it’s not that important to involve the authorities. But the person that hit you could end up changing their story after leaving the scene. If it’s going to be a story of he said, she said in court, it is critical to have a report from an independent third party. Always contact the police and ask them to file an official report regarding your accident. Call them even if the other party doesn’t plan on sticking around.

Photograph Everything

Another thing that can be a big help to you in court is visual evidence. Yes, you can certainly type out a transcript of the events as they went down, but it can help a judge or jury if they can actually see what you are talking about for themselves. Don’t just photograph the damage to your car, photograph the other person’s car as well. In addition, photograph the street you were driving down and the direction or road from which the other vehicle was traveling from before you collided with each other. If you’re using your phone, back up the photos to your computer or cloud storage immediately upon getting home.

If Injured, Contact an Attorney

After you leave the scene, one of the first things you should do if you feel any discomfort at all is to contact a car accident lawyer. The insurance companies involved will be determining the liability but it can help if you have an attorney to serve as the point man for your contact with claims workers. An experienced attorney can also help you tackle things like medical expenses if your injuries are more severe. More than anything, having an attorney on your side will help protect your legal rights so that you can get restitution for your injuries if desired.

The aftermath of a car accident can be hectic. It’s important in this situation to keep a cool head and fully document everything that happened, with photographs and a police report if possible. If you suffered significant damage to your property or you think you might have been injured, contact a car accident lawyer for assistance as soon as possible.

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