A car accident is a stressful time, even if the damage is minor or the injuries minimal. You need to be careful right after the accident and in the days following to make sure you don't do anything that could shift the responsibility to you or hurt your case if you need to sue for injuries or damages. The following list will help you avoid common pitfalls.

Tip #1: Never admit fault

Most people know not to admit fault at the scene of the accident, especially to the other driver or any authorities present. This continues even after the accident is over, though. For example, both your insurance agent and the agent for the other driver may contact you and ask for you to give a statement on what happened. In most cases, it is best to politely refer them to your attorney. Your attorney is the only person that you should be discussing the accident with unless you are required to testify in court.

Tip #2: Be careful online

Social media can be a major fail for an auto accident case. It's best to refrain from mentioning the case at all or only in the most basic of ways. For example, you may mention that you are going to a doctor's appointment due to an accident, but don't rant against the other driver. If you are claiming injuries, it's also important to make sure you don't post pictures or status updates that make it look like you are uninjured or healthy. The best way to handle social media is to stay off of it until your case is settled.

Tip #3: Don't skip any follow-ups

This pertains to everything about your accident. If you have an injury at the scene, make sure to keep all records of treatment at the time of the accident and to schedule a follow up appointment with your doctor. If you are sore the next day or if it takes a few days for injuries to show, follow up immediately on the developing pain with a doctor. Follow ups don't just apply to doctors, either. For example, you may need to visit the police station to get a copy of an accident report or to file one, if one was filed on scene. Your main goal is to take everything very seriously and to make sure you have a paper trail to support your case.

For more information after a car accident, contact an attorney in your area, like those at Cok Kinzler PLLP or a similar firm.