Most people pursuing accident injury claims will tell you that the process seems to drag on forever. The anxiety is compounded by the fact that a delay doesn't necessarily mean that you will be paid. The adjuster may take their sweet time, only to end up denying your payout. That being said, it's good to know some of the issues that prolong the claim process, issues such as:


The first reason for the delay is the investigations that the insurance company must conduct. Insurers make money by limiting the number of claims they pay out. One way they do this is by conducting thorough investigations so that they only pay when it's necessary. The claims adjuster will investigate you and use any negative information to lower the value of your claim. The nature of the investigations depends on different issues, such as the severity of the accident and the insurer's policy.

Workload of Adjuster

The insurance adjuster, who investigates and negotiates your claim, doesn't work on one case at a time. If you submit your claim while the adjuster has many other cases pending, then it will take them longer to close your file compared to an adjuster handling only a few cases. The number of claims an adjuster can handle at a time depends on the company, so this is something you don't have control over.

Liability Issues Just because you are convinced the other motorist was at fault doesn't mean that the insurance company will be of the same opinion. This only happens in straightforward cases where the liable party is obvious. For example, if you stop at a red light, and another car fails to stop and rams your car's rear, it's clear that the other motorist is liable for the accident.

However, there are other cases where liability isn't so clear cut. Consider the example of a crash in which one of the cars was speeding while the other one had defective breaks. You may think that the speeding motorist is clearly liable for the accident, but what if good brakes in the other car would have prevented the accident?

You may not be able to get an instant payout, but the good news is there are things you can do to speed up the process. For example, you need to furnish the adjuster will all the information they need to speed up the investigation process. Hire a lawyer if you are convinced your claim is taking an unnecessarily long time to process. Share