Are you suffering from severe depression after losing a child due to overdosing on the wrong type of medication? You may be able to take the physician to court for negligently prescribing your child the medication that led to his or her death. Below, discover what a wrongful death lawyer can do to help you win a medical malpractice lawsuit.

How Will a Wrongful Death Lawyer Begin the Lawsuit?

Nothing will happen until you consult with the lawyer about what led up to your child's death. He or she will ask specific questions about your child's medical history to rule out underlying problems possibly being the cause of death. Don't leave information out in hopes that it will better your case, as it will only hurt your credibility in court if brought to light. Leaving information out will also interfere with how well the lawyer is able to prepare your case. All information that you give out will be confidential unless the lawyer alerts you about it being used to help your argument in court.

What Kind of Evidence Will a Wrongful Death Lawyer Need?

One of the things that your lawyer will require to prove your case is your child's medical records. The records are necessary for throwing out the possibility of the other party claiming that your child had a health problem that caused the death. Other evidence will be acquired by the lawyer hiring an investigator to find out what the drugs your child was prescribed are supposed to be for. He or she will find out the usual dosage amount of that particular medication for someone of your child's size. The typical drug that should have been prescribed for your child's condition will also be researched to prove that he or she would not have passed away if given the right drugs.

What Is the Price Charged for a Medical Malpractice Case?

You are looking to pay a contingency fee to a lawyer that depends on how much money is awarded for the physician's negligence. Basically, you will have to pay an estimated price of at least 20% or more of what is won in court. The money is not usually required to be paid if the lawyer is not successful with helping you get compensated. The lawyer can also request a specific percentage of money based on whether the case is settled before going to court, such as a schedule of fees for each scenario of how the case might turn out. Speak to a wrongful death lawyer about your child's death as soon as you can! Click here for more info about wrongful death lawsuits.