Working In The Mines: Can You Still Sue For Personal Injuries?

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Certain jobs come with expected dangers and risks, like mining. If you work in a mine, you know that there is always the risk that walls and ceilings could collapse, or equipment could falter and cause an injury. When that happens, are you still allowed to sue for personal injuries, or should it just be an accepted part of the job? Since many mining operations have unions, these are valid questions you could ask your union representatives before speaking to a personal injury lawyer. Typically, you will find out the following information after talking to both a union rep and an injury attorney.

Looking Over Your Union Contract

When you work in an industry such as mining and you have joined the union, you will need to look over your union contract before proceeding with personal injury lawsuits. Many union contracts make stipulations for the dangerous situations that can occur while on the job. Mining unions often provide for injuries and compensation to anyone stuck in a cave-in and provide for the surviving family members of miners. If you did not join a miner’s union, do not have a union associated with your mining company, or do not have terms in your contract that apply to cave-ins and injuries on the job, then you can see a lawyer.

What the Lawyer Can Do

If you have already surveyed all applicable terms of a union contract and filed for worker’s compensation, then a lawyer can take a look at your case and see what else he or she can do for you. When worker’s compensation for miners is denied, you can sue the company that handles your worker’s comp claims. Your personal injury attorney will explain fully the extent of what you can sue for and what may be covered as a reasonable expense for your injuries in your case. 

Additionally, if you could not get short-term or long-term disability benefits (either because you have not been with the mining company long enough to secure these benefits or because your claims were denied) you can also sue for whatever benefits you may have been entitled to normally. The bulk of your case should rest on suing either your employer or various insurance companies for failing to provide for your medical care and long-term care, if needed. Other routes and civil suits may be pursued if your primary cases are fully defeated. For assistance, talk to a lawyer like Kornfeld Robert B Inc PS.

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3 Key Considerations After Being Attacked By A Dog

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Dogs are supposed to be a loving, loyal companion. They are meant to protect you if someone tries to hurt you or enter your home without your permission. But, what happens when someone’s companion ends up turning vicious and attacks you? Not only are you stuck trying to recover from the injuries, but you have to figure out how to proceed with your personal injury case. It isn’t as easy as some might think, but there is a way to help simplify the process and ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

Take pictures of the injuries.

After being injured by a dog, you need to take pictures of the injuries as proof of what happened. Not only does this show how severe the injuries were, but it can also serve as a great timeline for your recovery and how the injury interfered with your quality of life. If possible, take a picture of the dog as well to show what type of dog it was that attacked you.

Have the dog tested.

Ask to have the dog tested for rabies and any other potential diseases. This will help you know whether you need to get a rabies shot or not. There are also tests to determine how aggressive the animal is toward others. A specialist will be able to perform a series of tests in a controlled environment to gauge just how touchy the dog is. This can help you when it comes to being able to get your settlement amount. If the dog is trying to attack anyone it comes in contact with, that is going to be in your favor and help increase your settlement amount.

Never take the first settlement.

Insurance companies will often try to push you into taking their first settlement. However, this is the worst thing you can do. There is no way to know just how extensive the recovery process is going to be or how much you are going to spend on medical bills and lost wages. You need to wait to see just what you are dealing with and give yourself a little time to heal and recover before thinking about settling your case.

The best thing you can do when attacked by a dog is to turn to a licensed attorney, such as Terrence Salerno Law Office, who can handle all of the specifics of the case for you, thus allowing you to focus on recovering from your injuries.

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