When you have recently had a car accident and you are not at fault, the other motorist, his or her insurance company or a lawyer may try to get you to sign something. Make sure that you consult with your lawyer before signing anything and also make sure that you fully understand the document you are signing. How you communicate with the other motorist's insurance company will affect how much you will ultimately settle for.

Insurance Companies Don't Offer Attractive Settlements Initially

For most insurance companies, it is standard to offer a very low amount initially. Then, if this amount is not accepted, they will be willing to negotiate for a larger settlement. The representative will usually have a set amount of money allotted to them for the case and you will want to get as close to the maximum amount allowed as possible.

To accomplish this, you will want to consult with an accident attorney who can help you accurately determine how much your claim is worth. The adjuster will want to know if you understand how much your claim is worth. Then, after the adjuster provides you with an offer, you will want to come down slightly so you can demonstrate that you are willing to be reasonable. The insurance adjuster will usually not be willing to work with you unless you come down a little bit.

You Will Need a Demand Letter

You will need to explain in your demand letter once about why you are expecting the amount that you you want to receive. Then, each time you provide a new offer, you will simply need to emphasize the strongest points regarding why you believe you deserve the specific amount.

The factors that you will want to include in your demand letter include how much the damage to your car will cost, your medical bills, any pain and suffering you have experienced and the effects that the accident has had on your everyday activities. The injuries you have sustained, the loss of transportation and emotional trauma can all have an impact on your day-to-day life.

Communicate with Your Attorney

Communicate with your attorney routinely about how your treatment is going. After you have been released from treatment, you will need to tell your attorney so he or she can retrieve bills and treatment records that he or she otherwise did not have yet.

After you receive treatments from the hospital, you will want to discuss any residual complaints that you have with your accident attorney. These steps will allow you to get as much as possible for your suit.